Louise Cashin - What I offer, who I am

In a nutshell
I teach Yoga classes, lead Yoga workshops and retreats. I run Yoga Alliance and BWY accredited programmes, Yoga teacher training and continual professional development (CPD) for teachers. I provide nutrition and lifestyle guidance and sell premium quality healthy, natural skin care and nutrition products

A bit about me
I spent enough years as a senior executive to know what damage stress and unhealthy eating and a frenetic lifestyle can do to your mind and body. In 2001 I left the corporate world behind me to follow my passion for health and well being and in 2002 began teaching Yoga and Meditation as a full time joy. Since that time I have developed my skills further with some of the world’s leading Yoga teachers and undertaken nutrition training, which is on going.

More recently I set up the Yoga-Yoga Registered Yoga School accredited by Yoga Alliance UK and am delighted to be working with an amazing group of co-tutors and student teachers. In 2014 I started a business providing healthy, natural nutrition and skin care products. I live in South West London with my husband, a herb garden and our cat and enjoy travelling the world learning and teaching Yoga.

We are in the process of designing a new website so you will be able to easily see what’s on offer but in the meantime: –

To me Yoga is much more that something you do with a teacher on a mat once or twice a week, it is a whole way of living and being in the world. I teach a more traditional Hatha Yoga style of breath aware, fluid movement with alignment based cues. For my Yoga classes, retreats and Yoga-Yoga Teacher Training go here

Beautiful products
I have spent many years researching healthy natural skin care and natural supplements that do not contain animal derivatives nor artificial chemicals. I liked what I found with Arbonne so much so, I took the opportunity that enables me to share these products with you .To purchase botanical nutrition and skin care from green company Arbonne go to my website here

Corporate training and coaching
Is available on request. Contact me